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Treasure Island Resort & Casino

+1 800-222-7077
5734 Sturgeon Lake Rd, Welch, MN 55089 United States of America
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Best WLM Reviews

We had a great time in our anniversary here.
We had a king run with a hot tub. It was lovely.
We had 2 meals at Currents-1st one for dinner. It was great the breakfast the next morning the steak was rare even when it was returned. So, that was a bummer.
We were able to procure a wonderful sandwich from another part of the casino where they have for and drinks available 24hrs.
The gift shop was great.
The lagoon opened at 4- the bartender was very late and didn't arrive until close to 6.
This place is disgusting. We got food poisoning from the restaurant. There are significant sanitation issues all over the building, but especially in all of the food serving stations. The staff at the Steakhouse were very rude to us and told us to go away when we expressed interest in eating there...maybe their food is better? Who knows. I guess they don't let in people wearing shorts, even on an 80 degree day.
Used to be my favorite casino until they put in the smoking area ???????? the only roulette games are in there, and they removed the fun giant wheel game. So now there are no fun games outside the smoking area. I have requested multiple times they get another virtual roulette or bring back giant wheel but they wont even respond to any of my emails. They do not care about non smoking players I guess they get enough money out of the smokers..
The place is beautiful but the machines are so tight, there is very little play back.
The buffet is 40 - 50ish per person and with the machines gobbling up what's in your pocket, it's a lot. There is always the chance for a win but no one near me did. Good luck though.
Great bowling alley and fun arcade area! Great kid-friendly activities right next to the hotel. We've also enjoyed BINGO nights and game machines as well.
I have not been to Treasure island casino for a decade because it was so bad then… . I decided to come again after all of these years only to find that this place is increasingly horrific!!! Not one person in there was having fun nor winning on a Sunday afternoon!! There was not one machine paying out a bonus or anything at all! Go to little six, which is right outside of mystic lake (only 45 minutes away)! Everyone is having fun and winning something! I promise you, you’ll thank me for this post later! Little six is the place to go and I promise you! I have taxable wins every single year!!! Treasure island is a joke and I won’t be going back anytime in the next decade (or ever again)! Good luck and have fun at little six in prior lake Minnesota!
Our room was really quite dated but it was clean so that mattered. The hotel has lots to offer especially for family friendly as they have a large bowling alley, and arcade, and a swimming pool with two slides, a floating river, and a shallow pool for the kiddies. As well for the adults, there is a walk up pool bar which is pretty awesome. Sorry, no photos.
Did not stay but everything else was flawless. Event staff were friendly and helpful. Security was efficient at their positions. Everything went smooth as silk. Thanks TI.

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