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Polynesian Cultural Center

+1 800-367-7060
55-370 Kamehameha Hwy, Laie, HI 96762 United States of America
Open Today: 12:30 PM - 09:00 PM
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
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  • Getting tickets in advance recommended

Best WLM Reviews

A very fun and educational experience. Even if you do not know English, it is still a good destination. You can watch their amazing performs.
The staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable. And many of them are college students with Polynesian backgrounds.
If you go to the islands, I recommend to go there early and reserve the whole afternoon for it. Say being there at 12:30 and get out like 5pm. In this way you can watch most of the important performances.
I have not tried their food yet but I think the $55 buffet price tag is forbidding. Why not a traditional Hawaiian food restaurant for half the price?
This place is awesome! We purchased the VIP package because we were celebrating our 33rd anniversary. Our guide was Aaron, originally from Fiji, but currently from Australia. He made our day & was worth every penny we spent extra. He treated us like royalty. I loved listening to his stories of his own mother & how he will be the 1st in his entire family to graduate with an education. All of the presentations at each of the islands were so good. We got hula lessons, taught how to use the sticks they use in their music, & a recipe for their coconut bread. We had reserved seating for everything, so we could take our time getting to each place, getting to learn more about each culture from Aaron.
The food wasn't the greatest; the "professional" photos were terrible upon looking closer; I didn't appreciate that we couldn't take photos with a camera at the Ha: Breath of Life show. I would have given it 3 stars had it not been for Arron.
P.S. Orchid leis are VERY hot. Skip the tram & movie. Get the ukulele lesson. Spend extra for the VIP experience.
You need at least two days! Luckily every ticket comes with two free bounce back days. My kids say this is better than Disneyland. I absolutely agree. Nothing compares to the Aloha spirit.
Definitely reserve meals well ahead. The Luau is SO worth it. We reserved at Pounders the second day. Even on a Monday it was a 30 minute wait without a reservation.
We had a tour guide the first day, which was nice in the some ways. She told us where to sit for shows which wasn't always where we would have chosen. It was good that she had the timing down for all the things we wanted to see though. The second day we just filled in the gaps we'd missed.
The app is helpful...get it first thing.
Fantastic experience. Hear me out. So if you see the price for one admission is over 100+ per person, you actually get a lot for that price. This includes access to all the show's all afternoon, workshops and games, free souvenirs that you can make, boat rides, a huge delicious buffet, and a luau type show that's Broadway worthy IMO. I mean I didn't know what to expect, but came out of this place with lots of memories and laughter.
The thing I like most is that the more you see and hear the stories and songs, the more you talk to the people of the islands, the more you and your family engage with everyone there, it gives you a better understanding, appreciation, and respect for the island. You see the island as more than a vacation spot after visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center.
Your kids will love it. I promise.
So, IMO, this place should be the first place you go before you go anywhere else in Honolulu. Trust.
Visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center was an incredible experience. The shows and exhibits were beautifully curated, offering a perfect blend of education and entertainment. I was especially impressed with the punctuality, organization, and efficient management throughout the center, making everything run smoothly. It's also fantastic how they support graduate students. Overall, it was a five-star experience that was both enriching and delightful. Highly recommend for an insightful and engaging day out!
More than 5*s this is a must visit if you are in Hawaii! Been fascinated by Hawaii and its islands since I was little and the cultural centre should be a non negotiable on your trip. Especially as a tourist it’s important and also amazing to learn about the history of Polynesian cultures, their rituals, food, dances etc. perfect day for families too there’s so much to do, plenty of shows to see and even talks held by islanders. Will never forget our day here it’s well worth the price. Parking is available, plenty of food options and activities too. 10/10
As many people have commented, this is pretty much a whole day activity. There is a lot of things to see and activities to try out. I actually felt a little overwhelmed when first entering as I did not plan out before or really look into what was offered, so once I got the map and realized how much stuff there was it took a few minutes to come up with a game plan. We paid for the buffet meal which did not disappoint. The hall is surprisingly huge and there are a lot of options. The show at the end of the night was fantastic. Without ruining anything, I thought the ending with the fire was amazing.
Wonderful! So much history, shows, and crafts. Such amazing your guides and staff. Worth the money. Must go if you have a day to spend here. You will not regret it!

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