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130 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601 United States of America
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Best WLM Reviews

We found this place on a Google search for gluten free deep dish pizza, since one of my kids really wanted to try deep dish pizza while we were in Chicago.
This place was rated really high and just happened to be near where we were currently at. So win win!
We were all really happy with their food options. They do have gluten free pizza crust and pasta options, which was a huge bonus.
I got the spaghetti with gluten free penne and added mushrooms, black olives and artichokes, which made it vegan as well. My oldest got "The Special" pizza on gluten free crust. And my youngest got a side Caesar Salad with a small deep dish cheese pizza.
Be forewarned that the wait times can be long for the pizzas, which is probably why they allow ordering ahead of time as an option. But since we didn't have anywhere we needed to be, the wait wasn't an issue for us.
We all loved our food. My daughter who got the deep dish loved how much cheese was in it. She said the flavor was really good, but the crust was a bit too doughy for her liking. Since she's never had deep dish before she had no comparison. So it's probably not a bad thing, just not her favorite, and now she knows.
The atmosphere was definitely busy, but the servers were busy busting their butts to make sure everyone was taken care of, which I greatly appreciated seeing. Our server, Violetta, was no exception and we were happy to have such a great experience.
This was the only place we tried deep-dish pizza in Chicago, and it was way better than the one I had before. It took about an hour to come out, so we had a decent-sized salad beforehand.
For us, one or two slices (per person) of the small size pizza was filling enough to take the rest home. The pizza is rich, flavorful, and definitely worth the wait.
It's a busy place, so it's better to stop by a bit before noon. When we were leaving, people were already waiting to get seated. Highly recommend this spot for an authentic deep-dish experience!
First time at Giordano's and very much enjoyed the experience with an out of town friend. They wanted to try the titular chicago deep dish pizza and we headed to this location.
Thing to remember, put in for a table first in one line and then move to the next line to put in your order. Your pizza normally takes 45 min to an hour to cook, so they get your order going while you wait for your table. Very efficient!
The place was clean and extremely busy but the staff were quick, friendly and attentive.
The food, wonderful. I have never had chicken sausage but it was delicious. We chose the chicken sausage, spinach and mushrooms and I want more even now! Perfectly cooked.
The garlic bread was tasty and cheese pull was perfect.
Definitely will enjoy Giordano's again!
We came to this place because when in Chicago you must have a true Deep dish Chicago Pizza. We had a large party of 12 they do not accept reservations however they were able to seat us all together ????????! The service was amazing so thank you to all the staff!! Now I’m not really a deep dish kinda gal so the pizza was good but I think I’ll stick with the thin crust. Nothing against the restaurant or the food but too much dough. The place was packed so people must love the place! I can say the Calamari was very good!
We had a take out of the deep dish vegetable supreme pizza. They took 45 mins for the pizza to be ready. It is really thick pizza (deep dish) with lots of cheese and vegetables and a thin base. It is tasty but not your standard style pizza. It’s pricey too( 30!plus dollars for a 10 inch pizza) Some of us did not like it much but I did. But I am not sure it lives up to the hype in my opinion!
Best deep dish pizza I have had. Got the small sized portion and it filled up my stomach. Great service and fast. Took about 40min for it to come out but it is worth the wait. Every deep dish will approximately take about 45 minutes so keep that in mind when coming here. Will be returning here again. The best Chicago’s deep dish pizza!
A noisy and crowded place. Their wait times are crazy as they give you a flat 45 minute schedule for the food to be prepared. The place is rumbling with happy chatter and filled with the aroma of freshly cooked pizzas. Deep dish pizza is truly one of its kind and heartily filling.
First time trying deep dish pizza. I am a New York/New Haven pizza snob so wanted to see what deep dish was about. In my opinion, it doesn’t hold a candle to those style(s) of pizza. However, thought the deep dish was semi- good at this location. Solid 7.8 score. Service was very good, just wished the pizza lived up to the hype. Be prepared, ordering a deep dish takes ~ 45 minutes.

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