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Ellis Island Hotel

+1 702-794-0888
4250 Koval Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89109 United States of America
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Best WLM Reviews

We have enjoyed the BBQ ribs meal for over 14 years. Recently the quality has plummeted. I hope the quality improves to where it was before. The ribs use to be fall off the bone delicious. Last visit they were hard and gummy needed a fork and knife to separate the meat from the bone.
Great gaming pit. Friendly management.
Most like I'm here for the barbecued ribs. I don't know a better place for this. They are super good and always have been. Years ago they had outdoor seating and it got sort of smoky from grill. Frankly I like that better. They make their own beer and it's pretty good.
Fabulous stay in the heart of vegas. We loved our stay here, the staff are all friendly and welcoming, the rooms spotlessly clean, the beds so comfortable, the showers hot with great pressure. Location is perfect, literally 15 mins walk into the ***** and because of this really quiet at night.the rooms must be soundproofed, because I haven’t heard any noise from other rooms, the occasional bit of traffic noise or someone talking in the corridor is all i have heard but we are on the 3rd floor so maybe its noisier downstairs, im not sure. There is a 7 11 just 2 doors up and with a fridge and coffee maker in the room this was perfect for us.The ****** is a building beside the hotel so no noise from there either. It was my first time in a ****** and the staff were really helpful at the tables giving me tips and were so patient with me until I got the hang of it. The clientele appear to be a lot of locals who are also really nice and helpful. I would strongly recommend this place to everyone, especially first timers.The food and drinks are reasonably priced for the area, $4 -$6 for a beer compared to $9 _ $12 everywhere else. You also gets a discount in the restaurant if you are a hotel guest. The steak special was delicous served with greens and potatoes with soup or salad.Isabella the manager on reception was especially helpful when we had a problem with our bill which was a system glitch that had already been identified. They were aware of the problem and it was being sorted but she was so sweet and set our minds at rest. We didn’t get any maid service while we were here, maybe it needs to be requested? We didn’t mind though and reception were happy to hand out extra water, coffee cups etc.Every staff member from security, reception, ****** employees were friendly, helpful and chatty I can only think this is also a great place to work.
Nice and clean hotel at a walkable distance from the strip. The rooms were clean and the food served at the restaurants was good. Pizzas a nd sandwiches are an option. On the negative side the pool was small in size. Also I had requested an extension for checkout since my flight was in the evening, the receptionist on the earlier day agreed but next day when the reception staff changed they did not allow the extension of checkout time.
I only come here for the food and have not had a bad experience yet. This time, we had a cool waiter that went above my expectations. I just wish I remembered his name, but I did give him a good tip. We also ran across a very sweet, kind lady who's my mother's age. Her and my mother talked for about twenty minutes as if they knew each other.
Went to Ellis Island for the first time to meet two friends for a quick dinner and then we wanted to sing Karaoke. Easy to get to off strip, lots of parking in a well lit garage. Small property so didn’t have to walk a mile to get to the casino. They also advertise low stakes “old school Vegas” gambling - like $5 Blackjack. I might go back and try if I felt like playing some time.
I could write a novel about how bad the service was at Front Yard but I’ll try to keep it brief. The restaurant & bar were not busy at all (Monday night 7:30pm). Staff standing around chatting and on their phones. So why did it take two hours to get three drinks, one appetizer, and a burger & fries (which was sent back because I got the wrong burger the first time.) After an hour & a half we had to flag down a manager to try and get the re-made burger and ask for it “to go” since we were now late for Karaoke). She apologized & took the burger off the bill which was nice of her to do, but that took another 10 minutes before we could pay and leave.
Karaoke was honestly the worst I’ve ever been to. The songs were all cheap generic versions, impossible to hear the background music when you were on stage, Mic was turned up WAY too loud and the color prompts and lyrics were behind on every song making it even more painful to listen to the drunk people who thought they knew the songs. A few people were not bad: a couple of older guys and a small group of 3 people could at least carry a tune. The DJ kept things moving and everyone had a good time, so whatever, but I definitely wouldn’t go back for the restaurant or Karaoke. One plus - the have a 50oz drink deal for $30 (choice of 4 or 5 cocktails) considering the individual price is $15/drink it’s a good deal, and the Bloody Mary was pretty good (lots and lots of ice so a little watered down). But the alcohol didn’t make up for the bad service. Go anywhere else in town for better service & Karaoke, there are lots of options.
The location is convenient, close but not on the strip. We ate at 2 of the restaurants and both had excellent service and good food, it was super convenient after a long day to have that option. The room is plain but clean. The water pressure is amazing. The lights are harsh, bright white, not at all cozy or relaxing. The bed pillows are awful, we ended up going to walmart and buying $5 pillows that were superior. The hotel staff were all very friendly and welcoming.
We had a very good time. We had left the resort and had to get another hotel to stay in for at least 12 hours before I was playing was ready to take off. And we chose to go to Ellis island the hotel rooms are so nice. I was so surprised but I won't tell anyone if you looking for a decent room. In a decent occasion and can have fun and have excellent food. At the same time and gamble it is the place to be.
I gamble for the first time and I want $3. That was exciting for me it was fun.

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