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del Lago Resort & Casino

+1 315-946-1777
1133 NY-414, Waterloo, NY 13165 United States of America
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  • Live performances
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Valet parking
  • Spa
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Air-conditioned
  • Star rating
  • Check-out time
  • Check-in time
  • Free Wi-Fi

Best WLM Reviews

Absolutely loved our stay! Hotel and room was clean and comfortable. Great choice in games. Twinspires was a good place to eat. Not sure why they put wine in a plastic cup? Wasn't impressed. Food came out and was very good. Waitress had a hard time keeping up. We will definitely be back. Maybe a free accommodation ????????
The Management sucks!! I was told they have to listen to thier employee. So in other words the customer(the one spending the money) is irrelevant. KRISTEN a bartender at the main bar refused to serve my niece and I a drink due to a "30 minute rule" which would of been been fine if the approach was different. It's not what you say it's how you say it. I had 1 drink being that I would be the designated driver. I ran into my niece who was there with freinds celebrating a birthday. I offered to buy a round of drinks. KRISTEN the bartender told us she will be right with us. She then proceeded to serve other patrons at the bar. I noticed she was serving people that had came after us. So I said excuse me. And as she was opening the top from a bottle she said rudely is there a problem. I said yes we have been standing here and you are serving everyone but us. That's when she said something about a 30 minute rule(1 drink per 30 minutes) I was trying to explain to her the drinks were not for me and I had ordered my 1 drink well over 30 minutes ago. KRISTEN says oh well I am not serving you go order your drink from him talking about the other bartender. I politely went to the other side and asked to speak to a manager. One manager came and I explained the situation and she acted as if she was going to diffuse the situation. WRONG!! She comes back and says she needs to get her superior because KRISTEN story was different. I sat an whole hour waiting patiently at the bar for the supervisor to come. Only to find out that she had been there for 45 minutes not once coming to say anything to me or my niece. When I figured it out I blew up. She had the audacity to say she has to believe her employee. So you never came to get the other side of story and you just had me sitting there waiting for nothing. Not eve asking othe patrons or the other bartenders what if anything happened. Hahaha what a joke. KRISTEN should be the Supervisor both of her surperiors seem to be scared of her. I see Del Lago does not have a section for reviews and I wonder if this is the reason why.
For under $100/night, we had the BEST DATE NIGHT/DAY! What a great way to reconnect.
From reservations to checkout, it was a great 24 hours.
Hotel, gambling, Smahburgers, dessert chili dog, shopping & museums...
The deluxe suite was the size of 3 regular rooms!
We have NO COMPLAINTS, & will be back!
The rooms are Beautiful. Clean and Smell so good!!!!|Comfortable beds and Pillows.|Easily accessible to the Casino and Restaurant areas.|I stay here a few times a year and always have a Wonderful experience.|They also have a great Spa, and the hours are typically 9am-6pm.
We saw a great show here, Claudia Hoyser was fabulous. We ate at the sports bar which was only fair, we do not recommend the potato skins, the bar tenders were great. This facility is clean and fun. My rating for the room is from a previous stay. My husband won lots of money this visit!
So for me the location is great because I live in central New York and have a family cottage on Cayuga Lake so I literally drive by the casino anytime I travel to my cottage.
Generally I did not gamble actually I have only been there twice. First time I lost $60 in about 5 minutes and I turned out around and walked out the door the second time I stopped on the way back home spur of the moment and ended up $200 at the roulette table although I didn't walk away when I should have. But I didn't lose any money and I had fun so I had a mixed experience. I figure I'll give it another shot sometime this summer and we'll see how it goes.
In terms of service that is very good both times, I have never stayed in a room so can't comment on that, and the location for me is perfect because like I mentioned I drive by it.
We had a nice room with a bathroom that was bigger than our home bathroom with double sinks a separate vanity and a very nice shower. When we walk into the room they have a motion detector and most of the lights come on. When you open the double closet, lights also come on in there. King size bed very comfortable however the pillows were a little much for me, but that's my preference. We did not play, we were there for the eclipse. The front desk person was very professional. That was probably the most interaction we had a part from the restaurant we had dinner in which I reviewed separately. A good place to stay if you are interested in the finger lakes area.you to are near Cayuga lake and about 15 mins or so to Geneva and even closer to Seneca Falls.
I drop off my 74 y/o physically handicap father in-law and his motor scooter a couple times a week the staff has been really nice to him they helped with the door getting him inside and out of needed. He says the food is amazing He loves to talk to everyone the staff and the patrons and he has Gone to a couple shows here he loves it here to get away for a day

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