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Circus Circus Hotel and Casino

+1 702-734-0410
2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 United States of America
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  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
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  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Free Wi-Fi

Best WLM Reviews

Booked the room and then saw some reviews so I honestly wasn’t expecting much, however my personal experience was honestly decent. Got an upgraded room, kinda dated but very clean and nice for the most part, hallway had a sewage stench but the room had no bad smell at all. The tub drained really slow so we had to shower quickly, the air seemed like it was cold during the day but at night got warmer. Not sure if they control it some how for some reason but I could definitely tell the difference. I saw room service leaving on my first day but when I came back they had skipped my room so I’m not sure what happen with that. Front desk was nice and friendly, the pool was nice….really went for the splash pad but it wasn’t working that day. They said it would be on the next day which was check out but that I still had access to the pool for the rest of that day so it worked out and they also offered 2 late check out options for a reasonable price. Overall I enjoyed my stay, my kid enjoyed all the amenities and adventure dome. I would book and stay again.
This is the classic get what you pay for experience. Super cheap. Beds are hit or miss. Stayed there twice this week on different occasions. The first room had a terrible bed. It sunk in when two people layed on it. The second room was great. Comfortable - no complaints. I like going here because it’s away from Fremont St and thus quieter. Also, lots to do with the family, good shops, some places to eat, swimming, games, etc. Free parking. If you’re on a budget, this is a good option. But don’t expect a wonderful room.
Old hotel, that they are revamping slowly. It was cleaner than my family was expecting. Super interesting stores throughout the hotel. Slightly confusing layout. Parking was free and honestly not that bad, valet was not operational. Checking in was slightly a nightmare due to the fact that they have timeshare scouts harping on everyone and they don’t explain what they are roping you into only that it’s $50 and you get money back plus some spending money. The time share people will ask you every time you walk by them. Pool hours are terrible 10 Am-5 Pm, plus it’s outside, also they give you wristbands to go to the pool, if you don’t have them then you won’t get let in, if you lose them then it’s $20 to replace them. The room we were in was nice and large, king size bed. Room service woke us up 2 hours prior to check out, asking if we were leaving even though check out is 11 AM.
Great experience overall. Good price for a location. My room was clean but lacked a fridge or a microwave. Free circus shows are pretty fun, I'd recommend checking them out even if you don't stay here. Food had some vegetarian options, which is somehow a rare thing for a strip and also a few budget friendly ones. Staff was helping and friendly.
I was expecting it to be pretty bad due to the. Reviews online. But it turned out to be quite a lot cleaner than I anticipated. I will say that it is not super accessible for people who might be less Mobile. There's a lot of walking to get to your room. But the room was clean., The only thing I could possibly complain about is I would say the Bathroom tub could use a new grout. But it's much cleaner than I thought it was gonna be. The room was pretty quiet, which was nice. Good view from the window. The bell service people were very helpful, holding my stuff. And the front desk, people were very nice as well. Lots of little food options inside the casino. The price was decent as well. There's also some activities like the adventure dome and some other things. I'd say it's pretty good
Stayed in the west tower. Heard a lot of bad reviews, but our room was perfectly fine and clean. We had no issues and the price was great, even with Sick New World happening literally across the street. Would stay again.
The Adventure dome is a great experience for kids.
The slot of fun is a fun retro slot machine experience.
I’ve had the opportunity to stay in various hotels outside of the US, having experienced various levels of service and quality. However, my recent stay at this establishment has been a stark contrast to my previous experiences, and unfortunately not in a positive way. The hotel was overcrowded specifically at the elevators, creating an environment that was far from the tranquil, relaxing atmosphere one would expect from a hotel.
The cleanliness, or rather the lack thereof, was another major issue. There was a persistent, unpleasant odor permeating the entire hotel, and it wasn’t just the smell of cigarette and we’d, a smell that was hard to shake off even after leaving the premises. It's safe to say, the overall hygiene standards of the hotel were far below acceptable.
The rooms were no better. The sheets on the beds were questionable in their cleanliness, so much so that even my children were hesitant to sleep between them.
This hotel was a severe disappointment. It failed to meet even the basic standards of cleanliness and comfort, making our stay an unpleasant experience. I would strongly advise potential visitors to consider other options for their stay. I, for one, have experienced far better service and quality!
We booked a room here last minute and everything was really clean from the 1st day we saw people cleaning . The room was nice nothing was dirty or sticky. The location is perfect for the strip or downtown ubers were $7-$13 .
Also its a really fun place to stay with or without kids.

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