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CANPACK Finland Oy

+358 75 7565200
Itäportintie 513430 Hämeenlinna Finland
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При въезде на территорию: номер загрузки, номера авто, ФИО водителя. Если всё совпадает заезжаем на территорию, ставим коня на паркинг и идём в офис (возле 1 й рампы). Там ещё раз подаём данные. Ответ будет либо ждать либо под рампу. На территории есть душ и туалет. Грузим сами обычной рохлей. К рампе груз подвозят очень медленные и громкие "терминаторы-андройды" :) НУЖЕН ТРОС ДЛЯ ПЛОМБЫ!!! ВСЕМ УДАЧИ!!
Вроде неплохая фирма ,, но есть НО. плюс- это есть туалет ,душ и паркинг ожидания, люди на рецепшион довольно приветливые , но огромный минус - это процесс погрузки , у меня вышел около 4 часов- эти медлительные роботы - просто ужас..... А так все как и пишут - на заезде номер авто , референс , паспорт, сам грузишь , нужен тросик протянуть для тентов .
Ścisła awizacja załadunku. Brak parkingu można przyjechać 3 h przed awizacją trzeba samemu ładować towar.
Fully robotic warehouse of aluminum cans. Safety first!
Kierowca musi rozładowywać auto... Nie pojęte w innych firmach. Trzymają się awizacji, obsługa w biurze to Polacy, ale udają Finów. Żenujące. Rozładunek szybki. Brak parkingu na terenie zakładu.
Kädetöntä touhua,polakit hoitaa logistiikan ja lastaus kestää aina 3h.
Tak to firma ok ale minus ze kierowcy muszą ładować towar i zakaz stania na terenie firmy.
Всё очень медленно

Quick Facts About CANPACK Finland Oy

1. Fully robotic warehouse: CANPACK Finland Oy has a fully robotic warehouse for aluminum cans, which indicates a high level of automation and efficiency in their operations. This can potentially lead to faster and more accurate order fulfillment and inventory management.
2. Safety focus: The comment mentions that safety is a priority for the company. This is an important strength as it ensures the well-being of employees and promotes a positive work environment. A focus on safety also reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, which can lead to improved productivity.
3. Reception staff: The reception staff at CANPACK Finland Oy is described as friendly and welcoming. This is a strength as it creates a positive first impression for visitors and helps to establish good customer relations. Friendly and helpful staff can also contribute to a positive working environment for employees.
4. Toilet and shower facilities: The comment indicates that the company provides toilet and shower facilities on-site. This is a strength as it ensures the basic needs of employees and visitors are met, promoting comfort and hygiene during their time at the facility.
1. Slow loading process: According to one comment, the loading process at CANPACK Finland Oy is described as slow. This is a weakness as it can lead to delays in the transportation of goods, potentially impacting customer satisfaction and overall efficiency. A slow loading process can also result in increased waiting times for drivers and additional costs for companies.
2. Manual loading: Another comment mentions that drivers are responsible for loading the goods themselves. This can be seen as a weakness as it increases the physical demands on drivers and adds an additional task to their already busy schedules. Manual loading can also be time-consuming and potentially lead to errors or damage during the loading process.
3. Lack of parking: The comment states that there is no parking available on the company premises. This is a weakness as it can create inconvenience for drivers who may need to find alternative parking options and potentially experience delays in accessing the facility. Providing sufficient parking space can enhance the overall efficiency and convenience of the company's operations.
4. Language barrier: Another weakness highlighted in one comment is the language barrier, with Polish staff pretending to be Finnish. This can lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings, potentially impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of daily operations. Clear and effective communication is crucial in any business environment, and overcoming language barriers is essential for seamless collaboration and understanding between team members.

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