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Arrow Backpackers

+64 210 564 181
107 Budge Street, Riversdale, Blenheim 7201 New Zealand
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Best WLM Reviews

This hostel is under new management and it is getting better everyday. It has clean kitchen, hot showers, nice tv lounge, washing and drying machines. All you come to expect of a good hostel. People are friendly and the manager is always making sure the people have a good time. If you need a job, he will find one for you. Would recommend this place!
Very lively small hostel. You get to know each other. Alice is a great manager and keeps the hostel in shape and searches a job for you. The toilets are very clean, as well as the kitchen. Perfect for staying longer and working in Blenheim.
Owners are friendly and Soyeong is very helpful finding a job. I wouldn’t say that this is the cleanest hostel since the whole building seems quite old but they always try keeping it tidy. It’s a chill and small hostel so that you would get to know everyone soon but almost everyone has a job so at night it gets pretty quiet, which I liked.
Nice little working hostel to stay for a couple of weeks and save some money. It's one of the cheapest in Blenheim and provides everything you need. Clean kitchen, hot shower, fast Wi-Fi, warm bedrooms, washing machine, dryer and a nice lounge to hang out. The facilities are worn out though but since there is a new management things will get improved constantly. The manager does a great job on that. He spreads always good vibes and cares about you. I recommend the place!
Amazing manager he'll help you out a lot with finding work. Nice clean and quiet location, not a great deal to do in Blenheim but an awesome place to chill for a few months and save up some decent money. Awesome sitting area to sit outside and enjoy the night sky with everyone else staying at the hostel.
Gets a little cold in the winter but apart frim that an awesome manager and hostel.
Arrow is a great backpackers that has everything you could need. It is very well maintained by the current manager. She works very hard to maintain a high standard and keeps a good relation with all the guests. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a place to stay in Blenheim.
The manager gets work for you the place is cleansed every day very nice peeps around and good mood, the manager and his wife are very nice they even brought me to the doctor because I got sick and help out with other stuff as well. Not too much party which is good if you like a nice rest. If you are looking for luxury this is not it but it's a nice place to stay with heater in the rooms. What else can you ask for, recommended
The manager is great and will help with a lot. He had a job already lined up for us when we arrived and started the next day. The rooms are a nice size and heating is provided. Have a good size living room with a good tv. Not too busy and a nice chilled vibe. The best thing is how helpful the manager is and how friendly it is

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