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Anglesea Hospital

9077/19 Knox Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton 3204 New Zealand
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance

Best WLM Reviews

Couldn’t have asked for anything more. Clean, large bedrooms and bathroom. Rain head shower, wonderful after surgery. Beautiful food. Amazing staff. Comfortable beds and lovely blankets. Nice tea and refreshments. No complaints here. Can I stay forever!?
Great team! From Reception checking me in making sure I was prepped and ready with all the paperwork before admission to Housekeeping, Nurses and Surgeons. So very kind caring and going to great lengths to make me feel comfortable. Food is delicious, nurses are Angels. The overall experience felt like I was getting pampered instead of recovering from major surgery!
Recovery/overnight stay rooms spacious calming, comfortable.
Thank you for the care.
This hospital is amazing!
The staff here is so amazing from the surgeons , receptionist,nurses,doctors,cleaners to the caterers gave their ???? really appreciated it .lady patricia(lavender lady) you are incredible
Thank you from room 16❤????
Great service! 2 years ago I went to get endometriosis removed and got the marina in and it was amazing service . I’m going back again in 6 days to remove the marina from 2 years ago.
Wow, what a fabulous team of people!!! Starting off with some lovely welcoming ladies at front reception. My son had an amazing nurse look after him so compassionate and caring along with Patricia thank you for checking on us so often and ensuring we're well taken care of. Last but not least the amazing team of Dr's, nurses pre and post op and anesthetist. Great care and service would absolutely highly recommend. Once again thank you all for your outstanding work.
So anyway there I was with this metalware in my leg.Topping it off with non-compliance on my charts.finally got contacted to go Anglesea hosp n was thinking of my some hic place joined onto the ane clinic lol.Turned out to be a posh place.What was even funnier was that the staff were able to interpret and connect with all tones spoken.we all know how certain ones rub us the wrong way ...none of the staff from receptionist to the world's best surgeon spoke a negative tone at all...Thank you all very much ...p.s.if you do get to go there , consider yourself very very fortunate...
My son had a great stay at Anglesea Hospital. Staff couldn't do enough for us. Much appreciated. Rooms were huge and well appointed. Even had sky tv. Ensuite bathroom was very nice.
Evelyn, Kat, Charlie, Selena, Donna, Mike and Erena were lovely people who looked after me and my family so well and with so much kindness and empathy. Thank you for making arrangements so my 4m old baby and my partner could spend the night with me as I am breastfeeding and wouldn't be able to move easily after the surgery. Also thank you for being sensitive around when he was asleep during the day and night in the room. We really appreciate the work you do and how caring you were.
Thank you, Alessandra, Adam and Liam.

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