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Alexandra Bridge

State Highway 8, Bridge Hill, Alexandra 9320 New Zealand
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No visit to Alexandra is complete without a photo of the bridge. Both the historic and the new one. Autumn makes for a colourful image and on a still day you can get great reflections in the river.
This is the new Alex Bridge, built around 1962 and replaces the old historic bridge, currently visible beside it. This is the main bridge spanning across the Clutha (Mata-Au) River and provides a nice backdrop against the city.
We have travelled the whole NZ - this town is the most beautiful town I have ever visited in NZ.
Nice photospot. There's a combined walking/cycling path next to the road but it's kind of narrow.
Nice little walk along the riverbank.
Nice to learn a bit of the history of the area and worth stopping to have a look
Amazing view from alexandra bridge ....
It’s a special place to visit ????

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