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Alepa Riihikallio

+358 10 7669180
Haukantie 204320 Tuusula Finland
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
Service options
  • In-store shopping
  • Delivery
  • Metal cans
  • Glass bottles

Best WLM Reviews

Remontoitu sisältä ja siisti. Ystävällinen henkilökunta. Hyvä valikoima pieneksi kaupaksi.
Yes hyvä, auki 24h, kaikkea löytyy ???????????? Pihassa St1. ++
Hyvä, rauhallinen paikka, josta saa kaikki tuotteet ilman ylimääräisiä hifistelyjä.
Kohtelias kassa, tuoreita ruokia. Jogurttia kaipaan sellaista vatsan suojaksi.
24/7 auki, uudistuksen myötä paistopisteen alennukset - 60% vain klo 24-02, ihmetystä herätti itselläni että maksoin kuitenkin täyden hinnan jo kertaalleen alennetuista tuotteista klo 03.00 ???? olisikohan tässä tarkistuksen paikka?
Oikein hyvä kauppa???? mutta kallis
Hyvät aukiolot työtä tekevälle
Tarvittavat elintarvikkeet löytyy ja Isona + Pankkiautomaatti. ????

Quick Facts About Alepa Riihikallio

Alepa Riihikallio place has several strengths that make it a popular choice among customers. One of the main strengths highlighted in the comments is the fact that it has been renovated on the inside and is tidy. This suggests that the store is well-maintained and provides a clean shopping environment for customers. Additionally, the friendly staff is another strength mentioned. Having courteous and helpful employees can greatly enhance the overall shopping experience and make customers feel valued.
Another strength of Alepa Riihikallio place is its good selection for a small store. It is often challenging for smaller shops to offer a wide range of products, but this particular location seems to have found a balance between size and assortment. Additionally, one comment specifically mentions that they have everything you need, indicating that the store is able to meet various customer needs without the need for additional specialized stores.
The fact that Alepa Riihikallio place is open 24 hours is also mentioned as a strength. This is particularly beneficial for customers who may have unconventional working hours or who need to make late-night purchases. Furthermore, the presence of a St1 gas station in the vicinity is noted as a positive aspect. This additional service allows customers to conveniently fill up their vehicles while already at the store.
The comments also mention a few weaknesses of the store, which can provide areas for improvement. One weakness is the pricing, as one comment states that the store is expensive. This suggests that the prices are not competitive compared to other stores in the area. Additionally, there is a specific mention of a lack of discounts on certain items during specific hours, which created confusion for a customer who ended up paying the full price for supposedly discounted products. This inconsistency in discounts could create dissatisfaction among customers.
Despite these weaknesses, Alepa Riihikallio place seems to excel in certain areas. For example, the store is praised for its convenience, as it offers necessary food items and even has a bank ATM. This indicates that the store is able to provide basic services and necessities to its customers, making it a reliable shopping option.
In conclusion, Alepa Riihikallio place has several strengths, including a renovated and tidy interior, friendly staff, and a good selection of products for a small store. The 24-hour opening hours and the presence of a gas station nearby are also mentioned as positives. However, the pricing is considered to be on the expensive side, and there have been comments about inconsistencies in discounts. Despite these weaknesses, the store is commended for its convenience and the availability of necessary items. Overall, Alepa Riihikallio place seems to offer a positive shopping experience with room for improvement in a few areas.

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