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Best WLM Reviews

The Chicken Alfredo was off the chainZ... You'll want it again before you even finish the first serving!
The lamp chops were good but the sauce on top was deli--cio-us, loved the broccoli and rice too.
This is a small shop as far as I can tell. But the food is freshly cooked and not the frozen stuff from the sub shop or carryout. Their hours are limited but the Salmon over Yellow Rice and buffalo wings are great.
Ok, I put two of the Honey BBQ Buffalo Wings on the try then I took them off to take a picture for my sons Instagram and my FB, Tagged, and Google. My daughter and I ate the wings before I remembered to take this pic. This was our first time trying the wings and they were so good. I have had the salmon a few times. I will update this post as I try more of their home cooking menu.
The whole place is not it the customer service is trash the food is way too salty and the dinner portions are not worth 18.00 and the chicken was fried in old grease which had a nasty burn taste and smells and the owner was very drunk and disrespectful he ask me what was wrong with my order and cut me off and proceeds to have nonchalant attitude about fixing my order but I glad I got my money and will never ordering again
This is my go to spot when I want that home-cooked meal but don’t feel like it. I always get the fried chicken meal. I’ve tried the mac & cheese, green beans, greens and yams. They were all really good. It’s definitely worth a try.
I ordered the SALMON OVER YELLOW RICE with mac and cheese and greens, but they sent string beans. No big deal. That didn’t bother me at all. The mac and cheese was delicious and the string beans were very salty. The portions of the dinner were very small considering it was $17. For the portion size I would say the price should’ve been $11-13 The sauce was tasty, but my salmon and rice was drenched in sauce. I also ordered the SHRIMP AND GRITS and asked for no bacon. They sent it as I had requested. I was happy to see that. What did bother me was that the shrimp and grits were so sweet I thought it was more of a desert and I could not eat it at all. I picked the shrimp off and ate those. Later when I got home I tried to reverse the sweetness, but it was impossible. I has just made the overall taste even worst. I think they should advertise that their grits are made EXTRA sweet since this is always a huge debate. If I was really hungry and didn’t have any other options I think I would order here again and ask for sauce on the side. There is no way I would ever give the grits another try.
I ordered fried chicken with mac & cheese, collard greens, Buffalo wings with fries, banana pudding, and chocolate cake. The fried chicken was just ok. The mac & cheese wasn't cheesy enough, and I didn't care for the flavor. The collard greens had a lot of vinegar, which I can't stand!!! The Buffalo wings were regular wings that looked like they were pulled apart after they were fried & someone dumped some hot sauce on them. The banana pudding had not ONE banana in it!!! I don't know who is in charge of getting the orders together but they didn't even send my chocolate cake!!! I don't know Mama's Place... This just didn't hit the spot for me.
I know it's inflation but the food went up. It's still good, I love some of the dishes , but I wish the Mac & cheese was the same as 2 yrs ago.
Try it out if you haven't been. This soul food place feeds the hood and have black employees cooking the food. Enough said.
I wonder if some of the people that wrote reviews had covid cause to call it tasteless is very incorrect. Got the 4 wing dinner with mac and collards and a cheesesteak. The wings are flavored nicely, the collards could be spicier but that's just my personal preference. The mac could be a little more flavorful but not bad. The cheesesteak is a typical carry out with american cheese, onions, mayo, and seemed like some sort of spicy sauce. Not overpowering but I definitely tasted it. All in all I enjoyed it, would order again.

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