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840 Willow Rd J, Northbrook, IL 60062 United States of America
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Best WLM Reviews

The staff was very nice. I loved my lash tech. However, I was very honest about the fact I had not had extensions in almost 10 years. I didn’t know what I was doing and was asked to pick my lashes and style not really knowing what the end result would be.
The aftercare wasn’t explained until after I got the lashes. For example, you can’t get them wet for 48 hrs? I have followed everything they told me, other than the fact I had to shower.
Half of them have fallen out in less than three days. I totally understand the lashes are semi-permanent but I wish the process had been explained to me up front. I may have scheduled differently.
I don’t think I will be signing up for a membership or getting a fill in. I’m not sure it’s worth the money.
Horrible customer service... i had an appointment set for today. Today I get a call saying the stylist is not feeling well. I completely understand that but I did get a call last week on Wednesday to see if I could change my stylist . I said yes not knowing what would happen. Now I have to find a place to refill my lashes last minute before Christmas. The receptionist told me that she was booked for the rest of the month and that's where i began to argue with her. She changed her tone of voice very quickly and got so rude. Then all of a sudden tells me she has a spot on Christmas eve at 7pm ...so how do you have availability now? Made no sense . Anyways this place is way too overpriced for the quality of lashes and the sustainability. Walmart eyebrow threading places can do a better job. DO NOT COME HERE SAVE YOUR MONEY !!
I had an appointment yesterday and it was my first time at the studio. The girl in the lobby was sweet and my lash tech was very nice too. However there was a miscommunication about my service (mind you I was only in there for about 1 hr 20 mins/normally a full set takes 2 hrs) I paid and left a 20$ tip in total I paid 99.99. I knew they had an Intro rate which was cheaper than the regular price so I paid tipped and left not thinking much of it. Fast forward to today I get a call regarding this wrong charge from the asst manager. Initially I wasn’t sure what they wanted she asked about my service and I explained the lashes look nice however I lost ALOT after my appointment. I have had lashes before from another business and have never had this amount come out after. So I told them etc then she proceeded to tell me what happened and that she wanted to refund my payment for the service and then charge me the actual price of 99$ so I said sure go ahead but give me 20$ tip back please. So basically they contacted me for an in house mess up over 20 dollars and it was all in all very annoying. I will not go back there again as a business they should discuss these things in house instead of dragging their customers into it.
The Northbrook studio is very clean and the staff is professional. I have only been there once, however, I had a great experience. My only complaint is that every now and then I experience a tingling/burning sensation on my eye. I purchased the lash cleaner but that doesn’t seem to help. I love my lashes and plan to go back but I would like to discuss why this is happening. I trust the lash tech who did my lashes (Jasmine) and I am hooked now and will not book with anyone else.
My experience at the amazing lash studio was outstanding! The environment was very clean and classy. I got my lashes done by Jenelle Rosario who was not only knowledgeable about the different styles, she went above and beyond to give me after care instructions and demonstrate the best way to care for them. Jenelle immediately made me feel right at home and was very open, bubbly and sweet! She walked me through the steps and made me feel comfortable. She definitely has an outgoing personality. I highly recommend Jenelle Rosario for your lash needs. She will show you the styles to take you from date night to the board room!
By far the worse lash extensions I have ever gotten. To make matters worse I had to drive 50min away from where I live twice. I scheduled my appointment through the app the first time and when I arrived they did not see me in the system, with a deeper search they did find me and saw that I had an appointment and was told that I do have an appointment and it didn’t come up on there screen and at this time did not have a lash tech for me. I understand that these kind of things happen and I wasn’t going to reschedule another appointment since this place is so far from my house. Then I was told, it I rescheduled they will give me an additional 20% off. I decided to give them an other shot and rescheduled for 3 days later. I left work early just to make this appointment and when arrived we went through the lash designs thinking it will be reiterated to the lash tech, nope! I told them, that I wanted them to look full with the same length as my natural lash. I got sparse looking spider leg lashes. There is so much glue that you can see the clumps outlining my lash line. I was mortified when I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t know what to say, because I was leaving for vacation in less than 24 hours. I went to pay and just wanted to get out of there, honestly! I wasn’t told how much I was being charged and was told to have a nice day. When I got home it dawned on me to check my card statement and no I did not get the 20% off that I was promised, what a shock! Now I am on vacation embarrassed to even take my sunglasses off since these lashes look so ridiculous and are always tangled. So much for trying to look cute on my vacation, thanks for that. I also contacted them on the app a few days ago and still no response. All and all, I have waisted my time and money and horrible lashes and paid a price that was not promised. Save your money ladies and go find a better place. I will never be stepping foot at this place ever again.
Absolutely adore my lashes!!! Got them done by Madison before going on vacation and they looked great in all the photos. I've gotten tons of compliments on them. It's also absolutely wonderful not having to worry about mascara anymore and just waking up feeling a bit more beautiful!
I had a great experience at Amazing Lash Studio. My lash stylist Jamie was wonderful. She was informative and did a great job with my lashes. I’ve gotten many compliments about my lashes. I signed up for the membership which provides extra savings and I’m just overall pleased! Check them out! They truly are AMAZING!!

Quick Facts About : Amazing Lash Studio

1. Friendly staff: Multiple comments mention that the staff at Amazing Lash Studio is nice and welcoming. This creates a positive and comfortable atmosphere for customers.
2. Knowledgeable lash technicians: Some customers specifically mention that their lash technician was knowledgeable about different lash styles and gave them aftercare instructions. This shows that the technicians are trained and experienced in their field.
3. Clean and classy environment: One review states that the studio is clean and classy, which contributes to a pleasant ambiance for customers.
4. Convenient membership options: One satisfied customer mentions that they signed up for a membership, which provides extra savings. This suggests that Amazing Lash Studio offers convenient and cost-effective options for frequent customers.
5. Good results: Some customers had positive experiences with their lash extensions, receiving compliments on their lashes and feeling more beautiful. This indicates that Amazing Lash Studio is capable of delivering satisfactory results.
1. Lack of communication and explanation: Several comments express dissatisfaction with the lack of communication and explanation during the lash extension process. Customers felt uninformed about aftercare and the potential outcome of the procedure. This indicates a weakness in the studio's communication practices.
2. Inconsistent quality: Multiple customers mention that their lashes fell out quickly or did not meet their expectations. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of the lash extensions provided by Amazing Lash Studio.
3. Price: One customer states that the studio is overpriced for the quality of lashes and the sustainability. This could be seen as a weakness, as customers may feel that they are not receiving good value for their money.
4. Poor customer service: One negative review highlights a negative customer service experience. The receptionist was rude and initially claimed to be fully booked, but then suddenly had availability on Christmas Eve. This suggests a lack of professionalism and consistency in customer service practices.
5. Burning sensation and lack of resolution: One customer mentions experiencing a tingling/burning sensation on their eye after getting lash extensions. They purchased a lash cleaner but did not find relief. This indicates a weakness in addressing and resolving customer concerns.
In conclusion, Amazing Lash Studio has strengths in terms of friendly staff, knowledgeable lash technicians, a clean environment, convenient membership options, and the ability to deliver good results. However, there are weaknesses in communication and explanation, inconsistent quality, price, poor customer service, and addressing customer concerns. It is important for the studio to address these weaknesses in order to provide a better overall experience for their customers.